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chris lloyd


Ordia is a one-finger platformer where you play as a new life form taking its first leaps into a strange and hazardous world. Jump, bounce, stick and slide your way through rich and vibrant environments. 30 levels jam packed with various perils, challenges and surprises! Plus, extra challenge modes, bonus levels and achievements to unlock. Ordia is a unique and challenging game with hours of gameplay.

Ordia won a 2019 Apple Design Award and was one of three winners at the 2019 Google Indie Play Awards.

Working very closely with Loju, we helped design, create and bring to life the primordial world of Ordia.

Winner • 2019 Apple Design Awards.

Winner • 2019 Google Indie Play Awards

More information about Ordia here. Available on the Apple Store here. Available on the Play Store here.

Client • Loju

Developer • Luke Holland
Art Director • Chris Cox
Design & Animation • Chris Lloyd
UI/UX • Will Chak
Music & Sound Design • Thomas Williams